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Accommodation In South Africa

When traveling in any Country you should be aware that proper planning makes your life a lot easier, when booking accommodation in South Africa make sure you check out their website before you pay a deposit, a professional establishment will usually have a website filled with information, pictures. Most places should also have a few user reviews that can be located on various websites. Also make sure you confirm your booking before you arrive, there are thousands of establishments across the country including Guest Houses, Hotels, and Bed n Breakfast's so it is important that you select one that fits your needs. 

When using a GPS, make sure you are going to the correct area and location. Make sure that the desitnation is correct before leaving by zooming out of our maps on your GPS device, you may wonder why you should do this? Well there are some areas in South Africa with similar street names, so you could be driving to the incorrect street or even into the wrong city or town all together.

Drive safely
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